Journal Entry

A few excerpts from the journal I kept while going through my 3 1/2 journey to divorce: Nov 15, 2006 (six weeks before I left him the final time) I’m sitting in the women’s shelter right now. I’m waiting to talk to someone to weigh my options. I think I’ve already mentally divorced my husband.Continue reading “Journal Entry”

Top 10 Songs That Have Touched My Life and Helped Me To Heal

I think we can all agree that music is the language of the soul. There are so many songs that have helped me heal and become a better person. Actually many many more than I could possibly list. I did decide to pick the first 10 songs that came to mind. The ones that IContinue reading “Top 10 Songs That Have Touched My Life and Helped Me To Heal”

Enough is enough

I have heard many people spout opinions of Janay Rice, wife of Ray Rice, after the video of him hitting her in an elevator surfaced recently. “Why would she stay” “He’s just going to do it again.” Fact is, you don’t know what it’s like. Stop making her decisions for her. Here is what it’sContinue reading “Enough is enough”

5 Tips to Help Grow Your Connection With Your Child

I’m pregnant. I’m pregnant. I’m pregnant. I sat on the toilet in disbelief. I was staring at the blaring positive on my at-home pregnancy test. It was a quick and swift positive, and I was unprepared to be a mom. In fact, I didn’t want to be a mom. I had been thinking of leavingContinue reading “5 Tips to Help Grow Your Connection With Your Child”

Taking Responsibility: Why Being in a Domestic Violent situation was my fault

“Are you sure?” “Of course I’m sure.” “But you’re 20 years old and he’s the only boyfriend you’ve ever had.” “And we’re getting married in a month. Everything will be fine.” Yes I was young and naive, yes I knew nothing about relationships and yes, I was that 20 year old girl, marrying a 24Continue reading “Taking Responsibility: Why Being in a Domestic Violent situation was my fault”

I’m a Real Mom

“Nope, no more media time for the day, you’ve had enough and it’s bedtime.” “Just let me watch one show on Netflix.” My seven year old begged. “No, school starts tomorrow and it is 8:30, it’s time for bed.” “Just a little…” “Nope, downstairs to your room and pick out a book.” He swiped atContinue reading “I’m a Real Mom”

Can Abusers Change?

Side Note: there are several “easter egg” links in this blog post with lots of great information, I highly suggest checking them out! I lay on my bed alone as my husband was in the front room watching tv, yet again, I was going to bed without him. My heart yearned to feel loved and cherishedContinue reading “Can Abusers Change?”

The Shelter

I could feel the soft pull on my nipple and let down as my twelve month old suckled in the early morning hour, the soft yellow of the rising sun. I half dozed as he nuzzled in close, and I was cherishing this sweet bond between mother and son, enjoying the sweet flow of lifeContinue reading “The Shelter”

Twice the Work Part 2

“You do have strep throat, I can put you on an prescription or give you a shot?” I knew an antibiotic prescription would take a while to get in my system and do it’s job”How soon does the shot start working?” “Right away.” I was exhausted I sat in the stale white exam room weighing myContinue reading “Twice the Work Part 2”