14 Ways to Love Valentine’s Day No Matter Your Relationship Status

Valentine’s Day stirs a myriad of emotions in all of us. Excitement, joy, relaxation, frustration, anger, annoyance. It’s interesting to me that so many of us allow a date on the calendar to invoke negative responses. What can we do to find joy in a day we otherwise wouldn’t? Check out my tips below andContinue reading “14 Ways to Love Valentine’s Day No Matter Your Relationship Status”

Re-wiring the Brain for Healing after Experiencing Domestic Violence

My heart was pumping and my mind was whirring even though my body was still. I was lying on the floor looking up into his eyes, he was straddling my waist and holding my wrists above my head, pinned to the floor. I was helpless. I couldn’t move, couldn’t escape. I had already learned from previousContinue reading “Re-wiring the Brain for Healing after Experiencing Domestic Violence”

Love Yourself Because Someone Has To

So you made it. You left. You’ve been through the frightening experience of leaving your abuser and starting your own life. Now what? Here it is, step one to healing from abuse: love yourself. It may sound simple, but for someone who has spent years dedicating their life to someone else as a survival mechanism,Continue reading “Love Yourself Because Someone Has To”

14 Tips to Becoming the Right One

Ive had my fair share of relationships and break ups. At 31 I’ve been married and divorced and dating and a single parent. I’ve learned a lot from these experiences. We’ve all heard dating isn’t about finding the right one, it’s about becoming the right one, these tips will help you do just that. 1.Continue reading “14 Tips to Becoming the Right One”

I’m a Real Mom

“Nope, no more media time for the day, you’ve had enough and it’s bedtime.” “Just let me watch one show on Netflix.” My seven year old begged. “No, school starts tomorrow and it is 8:30, it’s time for bed.” “Just a little…” “Nope, downstairs to your room and pick out a book.” He swiped atContinue reading “I’m a Real Mom”