The Truth of Twelve Years Ago and Who I Am Today

When I was going through my 3 1/2 year divorce from my abuser, there were times that all I could do was live from one minute to the next. My life was consumed with the bare basics of survival. I felt alone and wondered how or if I would ever get through it all. BelowContinue reading “The Truth of Twelve Years Ago and Who I Am Today”

Why Does She Stay? Another Answer

  The most talked about topic when it comes to Domestic Violence is ‘Why Does She Stay?’. My blog is no exception and I talked about it in several posts including:   Questions,   Enough is Enough and What Women Lose When They Leave. I have had one more insight recently. As humans, we think on averageContinue reading “Why Does She Stay? Another Answer”

Do Your Domestic Violence Survival Skills Measure Up?

I sat on the stadium bleachers next to my boyfriend of six months on my birthday in the cool early November afternoon sun.  I had just finished performing the half time show with the color guard and marching band at our college football game. The week prior to my birthday had been amazing, it all startedContinue reading “Do Your Domestic Violence Survival Skills Measure Up?”

Hashtags to a Better World

I sat in the conference room with my peer managers. We had just finished discussing our workload and plans for the day and started talking about what was going on in our outside lives. This may seem like a waste of time to some, however it’s a great way to cultivate team building and creativity.Continue reading “Hashtags to a Better World”

3 Laws (& Assignments) for Successful Dating After Domestic Violence

Law 1: Individuality Let’s face it. After experiencing living in an abusive relationship, you most likely don’t know who you are or what you want. You were probably told many times over the past few years who you are, what you should be and do and what you shouldn’t be and do. I highly recommendContinue reading “3 Laws (& Assignments) for Successful Dating After Domestic Violence”

3 Simple Tips For Loving Your New Normal Now

Were you like me? Did you daydream about how your life would turn out? Would you marry your prince charming and raise beautiful children together? Be present for your children as they progress though all the stages of life? Be a stay at home mom? Be totally spontaneous and decide last minute to go onContinue reading “3 Simple Tips For Loving Your New Normal Now”

Changing Your Clothes Will Change Your Life

One of the most important things women who have experienced domestic violence can do is to build up their own self-esteem and start loving themselves. In my very first guest blog post, Kami Woodward, Wardrobe Mentor ( explains how to give yourself permission to be you and love yourself! They were the perfect pink high heels.Continue reading “Changing Your Clothes Will Change Your Life”