The Secret Sisterhood of Single Mothers

I remember spending moments agonizing about everything I was losing through my divorce and becoming a single mother. The simple things I felt many others took for granted. A sign hanging outside my front door displaying the family surname; HAVING to work full time as I was now my only source of income; not beingContinue reading “The Secret Sisterhood of Single Mothers”

10 Life-Changing Books Paving Your Path to Healing From Abuse

I began writing this post months ago and stopped. Probably mostly due to life getting in the way, and other blog posts taking precedence. Last weekend I was blessed to attend a Gala for an amazing organization, WOW Utah, helping women who have overcome domestic violence, substance abuse, polygamy, debilitating illness and simply not having aContinue reading “10 Life-Changing Books Paving Your Path to Healing From Abuse”

So My Dad Helped You?

“Mom, why did you leave my dad, why!” My eight year old demanded of me yet again. It was not uncommon for him to ask me such a question, and I knew whatever I said would go back to his dad. We were driving home from the gym, it was dark and rain sprinkled theContinue reading “So My Dad Helped You?”

What now?

It’s been seven and a half years. Seven and a half years since I walked into a women’s shelter. Seven and a half years since I began the divorce process. Seven and a half years since my life changed forever and seven and a half years since I last experienced the abuse that once was soContinue reading “What now?”

5 Tips to Help Grow Your Connection With Your Child

I’m pregnant. I’m pregnant. I’m pregnant. I sat on the toilet in disbelief. I was staring at the blaring positive on my at-home pregnancy test. It was a quick and swift positive, and I was unprepared to be a mom. In fact, I didn’t want to be a mom. I had been thinking of leavingContinue reading “5 Tips to Help Grow Your Connection With Your Child”

Being Single and Being a Parent

There is one simple fact making single parenting difficult. And that simple fact is, you are single, and you are a parent. Okay this may be obvious, but here’s how it goes: being single So I know there are those few out there who are perfectly happy living a life without a partner, but forContinue reading “Being Single and Being a Parent”

I’m a Real Mom

“Nope, no more media time for the day, you’ve had enough and it’s bedtime.” “Just let me watch one show on Netflix.” My seven year old begged. “No, school starts tomorrow and it is 8:30, it’s time for bed.” “Just a little…” “Nope, downstairs to your room and pick out a book.” He swiped atContinue reading “I’m a Real Mom”

The Shelter

I could feel the soft pull on my nipple and let down as my twelve month old suckled in the early morning hour, the soft yellow of the rising sun. I half dozed as he nuzzled in close, and I was cherishing this sweet bond between mother and son, enjoying the sweet flow of lifeContinue reading “The Shelter”

Twice the Work Part 2

“You do have strep throat, I can put you on an prescription or give you a shot?” I knew an antibiotic prescription would take a while to get in my system and do it’s job”How soon does the shot start working?” “Right away.” I was exhausted I sat in the stale white exam room weighing myContinue reading “Twice the Work Part 2”

Twice the Work Part 1

Where have I been? Have I disappeared from the blog world? It feels that way to me. And for good reason. I have found myself working two jobs for the last three months. And despite leaving my house at 5:30 am and getting home between 6:30 and 7:00pm, losing time with my son, missing outContinue reading “Twice the Work Part 1”